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Brooklyn, Stand Up

It Came From Brooklyn @ The Guggenheim, 8/14/09

Last Friday Kari and I ventured to the Upper East to check out in the first installment of The Guggenheim’s It Came from Brooklyn monthly concert series. I was actually a bit surprised at the turnout, given 1) the popularity of the bands with the Guggenheim crowd, 2) that the tix were $40-$45, and 3) just in the past couple of weeks you could see some of the performers for free, or virtually nothing.

But there was indeed a healthy turnout and also an amusing variety of dress, including women who apparently thought they were showing up to cocktail hour before a benefit. But this goes back to the confusion over what to even make of the event. Ticket prices were above average but it wasn’t a benefit. Neither were there free drinks. I guess you could look at [only some of the] art if you were so inclined, since the money’s all going right back towards it. That’s worth something seeing as how Guggenheim tix are, what, $18 now? Yikes.

Anyway, contrary to my bellyaching, I had a lovely time. And I am a big fan of museums so if they need to overcharge those who can afford it to fund their ailing yet important business, so be it. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay.

Here are some pics from the evening, sadly sans the Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band, who were incredible. You can find some pictures of them here along with more shots from the evening than you possibly have use for. But first look at mine below.


Yes, that’s a bassoon.

Stranger, to us: What’s the name of this band?
Kari: The High Times
Me: You mean, like the magazine?
Kari: Yeah, except the magazine has no “the.” It’s just High Times.
Me, to stranger: I guess they’re The High Times.
Stranger: Thanks!

(Actual name of the band: The High Places. Sorry stranger! And band.)


Novelist and awesome dude Colson Whitehead read poetry. (He also answered the 21Qs.)


Kari, the ‘Stache, and comedian Leo Allen, our host for the evening.


B. Dylan + H. Rollins = Hamilton Leithhauser of The Walkmen. For footage of the band’s performance, check out The Fader’s website.

[It Came From Brooklyn]


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