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Kumail Nanjiani at Comix, 8/11/09
August 12, 2009, 7:26 am
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Several times throughout his set at Comix last night Kumail Nanjiani asked his brother in the audience if there were any “dangerous people” in the room. He wasn’t worried about rivals, or hecklers with rotten tomatoes. No, the 31-year-old comic from Pakistan was genuinely worried about his parents hearing information about him that they probably were better off not knowing.

But don’t get the wrong idea- he certainly wasn’t raunchy, and actually made a story about [a hypothetical person- or him, whatever] doing it with a torso-less sex doll sound kinda sweet. Although he kept saying that the bottom half looked like a roast beef sandwich so now it’s probably gonna be a while before I can eat that again…

Anyway, for a more parent-friendly Kumail, watch him in Michael and Michael Have Issues on Comedy Central. Or check out the 21 Questions he did for NYmag. Here’s a taste:

When’s bedtime?
Around 2 a.m. Depends on how late my shows go. And how well I am doing at Street Fighter 4 that night. If I’m in the zone, I transcend time. By that, I mean I go to bed really late.


[NYmag’s 21 Questions]


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