B-Boy Limping

The handclapping was phenomenal

Joe’s Pub, Tuesday 7/21/09.

I happen to know a few things about the two underground club DJs-turned-main-guys in Brooklyn’s Phenomenal Handclap Band. I know that Sean “Medicine Man” Marquand’s favorite muppet is Forgetful Jones and Daniel “Witch Doctor” Collás’s favorite Sesame Street character is Grover.   Collás loves The Food Network and once ate at Li’l Frankie’s every day for two weeks while Marquand wanted to be a scientist when he was younger and never steps on cracks in the sidewalk.   Fascinating, right? And I can go on (and on and on). But while I can spout off facts about these two and their hand-picked indie supergroup for some reason until this week I had never seen them live.

Enter Joe’s Pub, for a packed NPR-sponsored Soundcheck event. One thing I learned about NPR audiences: they love their beer. I know this because the venue ran out of beer glasses shortly into the night. And I know this because I neglected to make a table reservation and spent the evening crammed up against the bar in the back listening to the bartenders.

But that aside, the show was dance-tastic.  PHCB’s throwback disco-funky energy was so intense that it seemed that there were even more people on stage, if that were possible. And I took some pictures, which we’re going to play a fun game with.

Here we go.

One of these musicians in the Phenomenal Handclap Band is not like the others. Can you spot him?


I’ll help.


A close-up (The “Casual Accountant?”):


The rest of the band:


Awww, I’m just kidding accountant  (although, nice necklace?), just saying that maybe you wanna consult with your band members on your collective look. Especially when there’s seven other people on stage that looks like they all got the memo. And most especially when there are assholes like me around.

Check out the self-titled debut album of the PHCB, out now on Friendly Fire.  And see them free today at 3pm at the Diesel store on 5th Ave and 54th St.



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