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Last night I hung out with some Rejects
July 15, 2009, 5:59 am
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So yesterday I get this email from Erin asking me if I want to accompany her to an “intimate dinner with the All-American Rejects” (these were the words on the Evite, not hers), to be held at The Gates, and to feature food from the Gates’s new menu, courtesy of Chef Jesi Solomon (The Stanton Social; The Hotel On Rivington).

Now, when this email reached me I was deep in my usual state of being: hungry, so all I read was blah-blah-blah All-American Rejects, blah-blah-blah [free and fancy] DINNER. So I replied, “um, YES,” to Erin and what you see below, my friends, are a few pics from the night. I apologize for not having pics of the food. This happened because by the time I thought to take any, the food was in my tummy and the plates were empty. I will say that I enjoyed all of it, especially the steak skewers and the little sandwiches with the walnuts. Erin especially enjoyed the popcorn shrimp. We thank you kindly, Chef Jesi Solomon.


I should address the fact the invitation said “hang out” with the All-American Rejects. They did not actually perform. Instead we got a highly energetic show from this little pink-haired lady whose name escapes me (Erin? Do you remember?). So I guess the point of her performance was lost on me. And in case you were wondering, that is Erin’s head in the bottom of the pic on the left. The pink lady was standing on one of the stools next to us.


This is the pink lady with the Rejects in the background. I mean, it’s weird the band didn’t perform, right? Not that they need anything to promote besides their Today Show appearance on Friday, but I find it odd that they were basically there as pretty accessories to lure people in. Oh well, whatever. I guess there ain’t nothing wrong with eye candy, am I right ladies?

And here’s some now…


Erin and Tyson Ritter.


Empty plates.

[ NYmag’s listing for the Gates]
[The All-American Rejects]


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Reni Lane

Comment by Erin

See, I kept thinking Rémy Martin.

Comment by bboylimping

Ok, so, Tyson is scaring me. Did I say he was hot before?

Comment by Jami

Ha! Yeah, YOU DID.

Comment by bboylimping

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