B-Boy Limping

All we need now is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

I have a confession: I have never bought the ganja in Washington Square Park. Even so, however, I enjoyed knowing that it could be found there when all else failed.

But guuuyyyys, I’m not sure the ol’ WSP’s gonna be so reliable any more. Now it’s all fancy and shit.

Did you know that the park just went through $13 million worth of construction after 1995’s $900,000 renovation to clean up the arch? And did you know that this time that they moved the fountain? But just a little bit, though. Don’t wanna do anything too dramatic. To be fair, they also added granite benches and streetlamps modeled after historic poles, and the relocation affords 20 percent more green space. And all it’s very pretty.

I just hope it didn’t scare away the beloved purveyors of “smoke smoke”. What would the NYU kids do at 2 a.m. then?



[Washington Square Park reconstruction]


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Almost too pretty to buy weed in… almost. Actually, I never purchased any illegal substances there either. It was way to risky with that huge police mobile home thing parked on the south side and the cameras everywhere.

Comment by effyouitsmagic

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