B-Boy Limping

Ricki, I can’t get laid

There’s a great part in Jim Gaffigan’s manatee skit that imagines what happens if a manatee/sea cow went to the Ricki Lake show. An audience member says “Yeah, I wanna say something to the sea pig.” Then the manatee says “Uh, that’s sea COW.”

“Whatever, you think you’re all that because you’re a fat seal and shit.”

Incidentally this is the greatest skit of all time and you can watch the whole thing animated on Dr Katz here. (Favorite line: “You live in the ocean ‘cause you ain’t got no job!” )

But I digress. The point of this post is DID YOU GUYS KNOW THERE WAS ACTUALLY SUCH A THING AS A SEA PIG?

And it is not at all cute.

But I wonder if it is delicious.


I’m gonna get one and name him Murray.

[American Madness]


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Do you think sea pig bacon is kosher? Hmm…

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