B-Boy Limping

This post is for my mom…
May 8, 2009, 3:18 pm
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…because I know she’ll like it, and I love my mom, so deal with it.

Okay. Here we go.

Hey mom, look, babies! Aren’t they silly and cute? Especially these guys below:


These babies are friends.


This baby will taste delicious brushed with butter.


This baby does not want to hear any of the crap grownups have to say.


This baby thinks he’s Batman. He is delusional. Also, he forgot the rest of the outfit.


This baby will kill you.


Baby, stop kidding yourself. You don’t know how to read.


This baby is the best baby because he is a b-boy. Boyeeeeeeee!



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Yeah, this is not helping my situation. Babies are the devil.

Comment by effyouitsmagic

I have a pic of a devil baby too! I shall send to you 🙂

Comment by bboylimping

Please don’t. This is making my ovaries ache. I can’t take it.

Comment by effyouitsmagic

The one with the spectacle and book reminds me of you when you were four years old — and learning to read by yourself.

They are all so cute.

Comment by Brear

Stop giving her ideas.

Comment by Indy

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