B-Boy Limping

The eyebrows have it

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about eyebrows. They’re awesome, right? I mean, not only do they serve to make your face not look weird without them (seriously – have you guys seen Whoopi Goldberg?), but they’re actually quite useful. They help us when we communicate, they probably do something to keep our face warm, and, like a built-in sweatband, they keep our sweat from rolling in and stinging our eyes, incapacitating our sight.

Guys, without eyebrows we would be (sorta) BLIND.

So then, it follows that we should grow our eyebrows larger, yeah? We should have thick ones, glorious ones, and we should wear them proudly. They should be able to be seen from space declaring Yes! We’re Here! And We Are AMAZING! Because unlike mustaches which, as far as I can tell, actually hinders you in the day-to-day, (especially when eating soup), I can see no downside to flaunting the bushy brow. It’s equal opportunity. Everyone can do it, and everybody should.

Who’s with me?



Okay fine, there’s one downside. Big eyebrows look funny, and we are a proud people. Well, lucky for us, there’s also fake eyebrows we can play with, like the ones the beautiful and talented Resalin just sent me. All the fun, tons of sweat-reduction, none of the commitment. I’m especially a fan of the “Grandpa.”

Next, though, we’re gonna have to work on our vanity.

(Thanks Res!)


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Ginger brows!

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