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business in front, party in back

I don’t know why, but the song “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears wouldn’t leave me alone last night while I was trying to fall sleep. That’s not true, I know exactly why. It’s phenomenal.

But do you guys remember the song’s video? It was absurd, with monkeys and flying (but not flying monkeys—that would have been awesome), and rabbis, and it was like, in a library and stuff. Did you ever wonder what the song be like if it were a literal interpretation of the video? Yeah, me too.

Is that Dave Coulier?


P.S. “Head over Heels” was also responsible for one of the best scenes in Donnie Darko . Just sayin’. It’s awesome.


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i LOOOOOVE this video and this song. it was my constant soundtrack for a while. I believe i saw a popup video (god i miss that show) about it….can’t remember what they said about the monkeys though. anyway. they’re brilliant.

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