B-Boy Limping


In an unintentionally hilarious moment of self-parody, the National Organization for Marriage, or NOM (yes… NOM), has named their new campaign 2 Million for Marriage, or 2M4M. For those of you not familiar with Craigslist speak, 2M4M (also written mm4m) is shorthand for two males seeking a third man, you know, for a dinner party or whatever.

Here’s the question: do we think there’s a mole up somewhere in the ranks of NOM? Because last week, someone also leaked the audition tapes for their “Gathering Storm” anti-gay-marriage spot to the Human Rights Campaign. And now there’s this debacle, which almost seems too good to be true.

God, I hope there’s a mole.

Anyway, if NOM is hiring, there’s a candidate for acronym-maker at Buzzfeed, who’s posted a few for consideration in future initiatives. A couple are below, click on the link for all.

* Bible Distribution to Save Marriage
For a grassroots campaign to hand out Bibles outside gay clubs so that homosexuals can see the error of their ways, Bible Distribution to Save Marriage (BDSM) will be an important first step towards getting marriage back where it belongs.

* National Standards For the Workplace
National Standards For the Workplace (NSFW) is the name for NOM’s plan to distribute BDSM, GOATSE, and BBW literature to decent Americans at their places of work. If all goes according to plan, NOM reps will be handing out NSFW pamphlets in your office any day now.


Also, someone has quickly snatched up 2m4m.org before NOM could get to it, and is using it to refute marriage discrimination. Awesome.


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