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I don’t care if they’re smaller
April 10, 2009, 7:33 am
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Okay folks, I have a request. For some reason, it’s been EXTREMELY difficult finding Cadbury eggs this year. Everywhere I look only has these new Russell Stover crappy eggs, (or creggs, as I call them, like “I don’t want no stinkin’ knockoff creggs!”), and if I do happen to find a place that has the creamy-centered OG of Easter amazingness, they’re out by my next visit. So I try to stock up, but then I am incapable of rationing, and eat them all at once. And then I make myself sick.

Guys, this is a problem. I even yelled at a checkout guy at Rite Aid the other day because of it.

So my eggcellent plan: If you see any of the original Cadbury creme eggs out there this weekend, please buy them. And then, when we meet intermittently throughout the year, hand me one. (Or, if you want to make me do tricks, or rap some old-school Beastie Boys songs for them, that’ll work too. I do a mean running-man.) This way they’ll be available to me year-round, I solve the problem of eating them all at once, and you can guarantee I’ll be happy to see you. And yes, I realize this is collective parenting of someone who should know how to be an adult, but I know some of you are thinking of having kids soon. So think of this as practice. And think about how happy you’ll be making me.

I have so few things that make me happy.

Also, BJ Novak and I may be soul mates:


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