B-Boy Limping

April 8, 2009, 11:28 pm
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a.k.a I have found my next career.

So the NYT Style Section today has a story on doggie yoga, or doga, which explores the finer points the growing fad. But truthfully, you don’t even need to read the article, ’cause best part are the pics. Please to enjoy a few:




See more pictures in the slideshow, or read about the new craze sweeping, like, three places, in the NYT article. One of the best nuggets from the piece:

“It was lunacy,” Ms. Apro recalled. “Peanuts, my retired racer greyhound, didn’t participate at all. Instead, I did downward-facing dog while he ate the most treats he’s ever had in a 60-minute period.


(Special thanks to Oriana, for her uninhibited doga enthusiasm.)


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never thought this trend would make its way out of New York or L.A., but I caught a story about a resort for dogs offering Doga classes in Madison. What is going on in our world when we willingly pay to essentially rub our dogs’ bellies?

Comment by Mindy

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