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dear coney island
March 7, 2009, 11:52 am
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My first visit to Coney Island as what passes for an adult was my freshman year of college, on one of the events they take you on during orientation week. I had just met Michaela (who would later become one of my best friends) and during the hour-long subway ride on that sweltering August day we twittered with the anticipation of what was to come.


We stepped out of the subway onto Surf Avenue, facing the Nathan’s, the Popeye’s, and the sea, and immediately fell in love: here was this place designed solely for happiness, yet because of its location, dilapidation, and the random detritus in the sand succeeded in having a simultaneous veneer of ennui. It was amazing.

Michaela and I bought wristbands, and vowed to ride the Cyclone over and over until it was time to go home. She rode eleven times. I lasted three before I felt like throwing up. We spent the rest of the time playing skee-ball and eating hot dogs. Well, me watching Michaela eat hot dogs. The rollercoaster really does a number on your insides.

In the time since Coney Island has become my place to get away from the city. I go there in Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall to read, to write, or sit on the beach and watch the ocean. I sometimes just ride the train down for a glimpse of the Cyclone peeking up over the subway platform. In the rare times that Michaela and I see each other, we try to make it down and it’s always as memorable as that first time.

Dear Coney Island, I’ll miss you.

Taken last Thursday.


Michaela, from our most recent trip down.


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