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Ick… Ick… Ickitt
March 6, 2009, 12:46 pm
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MIA performed on the Grammys on February 8th. On February 11th, she had her baby. That’s gangsta.

The baby’s name has just been revealed. It’s Ickitt. Ickitt Brewer. Not so gangsta.

But she rules. So as a tribute, here’s an old video of Aziz Ansari proclaiming his love to her. Eugene Mirman guests:

UPDATE: Sike! Apparently MIA didn’t name her baby Ickitt. Or so says her myspace avatar, anyway.


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It sounds like she was saying “Ick, it’s covered in goo” in the delivery room or something and the hospital staff heard only the first part and put that down on the birth certificate.

Unfortunately, I don’t think even having MIA as your mom is going to save that kid from getting shit over that name. Just the nickname “Ick” is pretty bad.

Comment by effyouitsmagic

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